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Housing Rehabilitation & Emergency Repairs


The South Central Council of Governments (SCCOG) Single-Family, owner-occupied (SFOO) Housing Rehabilitation Program consists of repairing or updating the existing system or structural components of the property, including: electrical, plumbing, heating system, foundation repair, roofing, septic systems, walk-in-tub or showers, doors & Windows, etc.  The actual amount of repairs your home will need is determined from an inspection and evaluation report.  Major emphasis is given to housing problems that affect your health and safety.  The rehabilitation program has extended our clients ability to remain in their homes for a longer period of time.  Our program is a loan based program which offers low-interest rate loans ranging from 0% to the prevailing commercial interest rates for low to moderate income borrowers.  The maximum allowed to be loaned out is $24,999.00 per individual household.


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This agency has been a recipient of the Division of Housing funds for over twenty years. In this period of time SCCOG has rehabilitated over 400 homes in Huerfano and Las Animas Counties.  

Funding is provided by the Colorado Department of Local Affairs through the Division of Housing Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and a Rural Development Housing Preservation Grant (HPG).  

Eligibility Criteria

Property must be located within either Huerfano County or Las Animas County.  Your name(s) must be on the Title and you must have lived in the home, as your sole residence for a minimum of one year.  You must meet HUD Income Guidelines.  Your property must be free of all judgments and liens except for a first mortgage.  

Things You Should Know

Rehab work will be supervised by a licensed General Contractor who will be awarded the project for the most responsible bid, through a formal competitive bidding procedure.  The SCCOG Housing Rehabilitation program will disburse all rehab funds on behalf of the owner and will also oversee the construction. Owners are urged to discuss any problems or questions with the contractor and the Housing Department prior to the rehabilitation process.  The contractor must follow the work write up as approved. Changes cannot be made without the advanced authorization of the SCCOG Housing Department.  

Owner's previous regard for financial obligation will be strongly considered. Rehab loans are secured by a Deed of Trust against the rehabilitated property.
When the home is sold or occupancy changes the loan must be paid in full before the lien is released by SCCOG.