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Public and Agency Outreach / Development

The purpose of agency and public outreach is to facilitate a transparent, inclusive and accessible process that provides a forum for engaging potentially interested parties.

Businesses, residents, property owners, and other interested members of the public will be engaged through open houses, targeted meetings with directly affected parties, and public information provided on the website and email.

Three committees will be created and meet three to four times over the course of the 18-month project. There will be a technical committee that will focus on environmental issues, a steering committee that will provide study oversight and a stakeholder committee that will provide input and work through specific elements of the study.

Outreach to businesses and residents in the study area is critical to ensure that the PEL study addresses local concerns and desired outcomes for future improvements. The business and resident outreach will occur throughout the study, providing opportunities for meaningful involvement and input.

The local corridor communities will be engaged through:

  • Stakeholder Meetings
  • City Council and County Commissioner Briefings
  • Coffee Chats Informal Meetings
  • Public Open Houses 
  • Project website CDOT and SCCOG
  • Press releases/social media posts
  • Periodic electronic progress reports/enewsletters
  • News media releases
  • Fact sheets / flyers


The study team's approach to public involvement is to:

  • Provide direction for the study through focused input from key stakeholders as well as to obtain broad public input, views and opinions
  • Engage a diverse group of public and agency participants during the study process
  • Provide information concerning the views expressed by the public about the project and the alternatives throughout the study process
  • Identify public and agency concerns so they can be addressed at appropriate stages of the study process